it all started with a message

We wanted to bring attention to a serious issue that was falling under the radar. The world is starting to remember that plastic water bottles and bags aren't so great for the environment, but so few are talking about the devastation that our fashion habits are causing Mother Nature. 

We believe that art has a voice that can echo around the world! So why not give a second chance at life to clothing by creating something beautiful. It's not the answer to the huge waste problem that's hiding in our closets and in garment factories around the world, but it's the start of a global conversation. 

standing where 5000 garment factory workers once stood

In 2009, the Tak Fak garment factory in Cambodia closed due to bankruptcy leaving hundreds without compensation. According to local reports, some 130 Cambodian garment factories closed that year, leaving more than 30,000 workers jobless and an additional 30,000 temporarily out of work. 
That wasn't all. 
The Tak Fak factory closed leaving thousands of bags of unfinished clothing behind it's doors. For almost a decade, the clothing just sat there. That is, until October 2017 when we walked in for the first time. 

to try something new

We gave life to 2,500kg of clothing (the average amount you'll probably wear over your lifetime) to create 3 structures honouring our planet and the air, water and trees that it gives up to support our shopping habits. 
These structures were made from fabric left forgotten in an old garment factory. The truth is, there was enough fabric for us to make hundreds of art structures. Thousands of barrels of clothing were left untouched for a decade, and though rescuing all the fabric was our mission, starting this conversation is a great to start. 

and it couldn't have happened without a few heros 


This project was only possible by the incredible collaboration of dozens of people who believe in our crazy project.
These humans aren't just volunteers, they're heroes. They spent days crawling around a dusty, mosquito infested factory with no ventilation to collaboratively build 3 story tall structures, in honour of our planet. 

Producers: Von Wong & Laura François
Production Assistant: Pheakday
Videographer: A. Todd Smith
Social Coordinator & BTS: Pete De Marco
First Assistant: Hengky Irawan, Horm Unna, Kim Khun  
Designer: Ly HengYou
Volunteer Models: Ly HengYou, Lou Tou, KamraMAN



A. Todd Smith
Anna Ewen
Boramey Bun
Bruna Bersch
Bun Boramey
Chu Wong
Cindy Charles
Claudio Montesano Casillas
Constance Boullier
David Tito
Derek Pasn                                               
Donna Beswick
Evelien Stichelmeyer
Francois Le Nguyen
Hanna Guy


Hengky Irawan
Horm Unna
Janet Tartaglia  
John Doctor
Keat Sunny
Kim Sunny  
Kim Chhay
Kim Khun  
Lee Hudson
Lou Chikang   
Lou Tou
Ly HengYou
Mac Ernelson
Matt Baddley   

Natalie Seisser
Oyen Rodriguez
Pete De Marco
Regie Pertacorta
Rohim Yousos
Romane Loup
Saad Khan
Sam Dy
Scott Rotzoll
Sindy Vand
Sok Kanha
SunRethy Kun
Thong Senghorng
Vincent Rufo
Zoe Ng